I’m a Los Angeles-based landscaper specializing in organic vegetable gardens and native, drought-tolerant landscapes. A big part of my mission is donating food harvests to food bank families. I don’t know if there is anything much more important than feeding each other. We all play a part…designing thoughtful gardens, maintaining them in a responsible manner, harvesting the garden in a timely fashion, and most importantly, sharing and enjoying the bounty! For a home consult, email me at yourhopegarden@earthlink.net.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. BILL HOPE... OHIO master gardener says:

    For 15 years I have been growing vegetables and fruits on my small homestead and giving them away to area churches and church food banks for free. The gardens are known around here as “HOPE GARDENS” because of my name and the opportunity I give those who deserve a helping hand fresh fruit and vegetables. I share my plants and produce without charge and precede you since the 1990’s with HOPE GARDENS. Don’t worry I’m not stopping you from using my name but you should be aware you aren’t the only HOPE GARDENS.

    • spielbee says:

      That’s wonderful! I love hearing about your generous contribution. Hope Gardens is a very appropriate name! Keep up the good work and thanks for telling me about it.

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